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I am awed, inspired, grateful, moved, blessed and thankful for the relationship that we have begun to cultivate between your family and this facility.  To see you and your children take such an active role in what we are doing here has moved me more than I could ever put  into words.  Whenever I try to think of a way to express my gratitude for what you and your family have done, it seems woefully inadequate.


I have plans for the MacKinnon’s and this facility, and I plan on you all being in our future for a very long time.  I hope this is not a problem. =)


Thank you,



Sean P. VanLew

Assistant Superintendent

Veteran's Haven Homeless Shelter

(609) 561-4948 (X103)- Office

(609) 567-5186              Fax

"Ne Desit Virtus"

My relationship with Dave MacKinnon dates back to 2002. Over the years Dave has assisted me in outfitting at least 4 transitional housing programs. Most notably, a 400 bed facility in Brooklyn, which (in 2003) won the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce’s best building award for community facility.


I do not believe we would have opened the building on schedule had it not been for Dave’s commitment to the project.

All of the furniture purchased is still in use and the finishes have withstood some very harsh treatment over the years. I can’t speak enough on the quality and durability of the product.


A year ago we purchased intensive use lounge furniture from Dave for our tv rooms and they still look new.


I can say that  Dave is a truthful and upfront individual who will give you the best service available. He is a pleasure to work with.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


Vincent Zaza

Facility Coordinator

Cromwell Veteran Safe Haven

Dave, Kathy & Team:

We also must thank you and the dedicated volunteers that accompanied you!  Your team was unbelievable with your non-stop work, sweat and hard labor!  We didn’t hear one complaint from the “kids”; they just kept on working!


They were there every step of the move project, from the youngest to the most senior, from picking up the packing material to carrying the furniture up 3 flights of stairs. 


I must also compliment the courtesy of your team; parents be proud, your “kids” done good!! 


To Dave and Kathy, you weren’t suppliers today, you were OUR PARTNERS!!  Thank you!


Bob Looby,

Past State Commander

The American Legion


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