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At Norix, we design Innovative, Robust Furniture

that meets the real world need for humanizing challenging environments




Bedroom Furnitue

Protecting Officers and Staff by allowing for the 

safe passage of medication, food, commissary etc.      while limiting 

direct physical contact


Preventative Disinfecting Services

Application is done using an Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Electric Fogger to evenly distribute disinfectant for Maximum Coverage of all surfaces and air space

No wiping or rinsing          is required 

We use a hospital grade disinfectant, which is EPA registered and recognized as having no known adverse effects to human health or the environment

Tamper Resistant Outdoor Furniture

100% Coated Steel

20 Year Warranty

Flame Resistant

Low Maintenance

Proudly Made in the USA


Healthcare  *  Justice  *  GSA  *  Transitional Housing  *  Education  *  Commercial

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